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your competent partner in the matter of cars

the A uto is since 1984. We are specialists for car / motorcycle – accessories, paints and spare parts with headquarters in Schladming – Austria.

From the beginning we paid special attention to the car / motorcycle paints.
On the basis of our customer contacts and customer requirements, we developed in co-operation with our manufacturers and technicians an ever-increasing range of products with the aim of providing the car owner and ambitious hobbyist, easy-to-process, high-quality paint products in small quantities and in every color for cost-effective paint repairs , This is how the do-it-yourself paint repair method Easy Repair came into being . The idea is, with a small budget and some time, to carry out repairs to the car paint even without previous knowledge.

By filling the smallest quantities and the highest quality 1-component (1K) as well as 2-component (2K) car paint in paint sprays , it was possible to achieve the best repair results even without a compressor and spray gun.
All products required for repair, such as primer, filler, putty and paint are available in professional quality. Extensive tests with professionals and customers have perfected this do-it-yourself Easy Repair method, made it easy to understand and easy to implement.

Car paint in spray cans

Car paint in spray cans

The original headlight repair developed by us has already been implemented by many motorists and thus spared expensive headlight changes.

Headlight - repair

Headlight – repair

Our latest innovation is the paint pipette , created by us and included in the Easy Repair Program.

The paint pipette

The paint pipette

We have incorporated all our experience and knowledge into repair manuals and films, so that we can support you as much as possible in the repair. If you have any questions, we are happy to advise you by phone or e-mail.
Take note of our tips, take your time for the videos, use our tested products and the result will convince you!

But of course we can also handle any other kind of accessories and spare parts.