Painting with dasAuto handle
Easy RepairPaint plastic parts with paint spray

Whole-part coating made of plastic

The problem: Parts such as fenders, bumpers, mirrors, spoilers, plastic spacers, which are replaced or grown, look good only if they are painted to match the car. Even without a professional spray gun, that’s easy with dasAuto paint sprays.
Time spent:
Additional Tools:
Easy Repair – SET for you: Film Set front spoiler full paint
And this is how it works:
The plastic part must be carefully checked for fit, correct any processing errors, storage or freight damage and adjust.
Plastic parts that have not been primed by the manufacturer should be sanded down with P800 water- sandpaper and, above all, thoroughly cleaned with silicone remover. The manufacturers use special solvents so that the plastic parts can be better detached from the mold. These solvents are incompatible with primer, putty and paint. Careful cleaning prevents later problems.
Easy RepairProfessional tip: Create a dust and insect free environment. When working in the garage, the floor should be wet to avoid dust.
If you paint outdoors, it should be absolutely windless, the earlier in the morning, the fewer insects that sit on the freshly painted surface.
Should it nevertheless happen, remove the insect with tweezers as long as the paint is still wet. The paint spans and corrects the error by itself.
Priming and sanding again
Apply two coats of plastic primer to the ground and cleaned plastic part and allow to air.
After 20 minutes drying time, plastic part – depending on condition – ready for putty and filler or the final coat.
Take your time, the more thoroughly you grind, the better the result.
Easy RepairProfessional tip: To avoid missing any marks during grinding, professionals use control paint . So you can see immediately, where has already been sanded and where not yet.
Painting If the primer filler is applied, dry (after approx. 20 min.) And sanded, color finally comes into play with the paint spray !
Shake the paint spray vigorously for 5 minutes until the ball stops audibly and everything is well mixed. Attach the handle to the first thin layer of paint (adhesive layer) and spray on for 3 minutes.
Then apply the varnish in further fine layers until you have a nice evenly covering varnish color. Always observe 3 minutes ventilation time between layers.
The ideal spray distance is 30 cm, the ideal temperature 15 to 20 degrees.
Attention! Do not spray on too much at once, otherwise there will be tearing of the running paint … In the film, Max shows step by step how to do it right.
Clearcoat – Topcoat After approx. 30 min. Drying time comes the clearcoat over the paint layer.
Also shake the clear coat well again and apply thinly in 3-5 layers and allow to air after each spray.
The clearcoat protects the metallic particles from oxidation, it makes the paint shine and is absolutely necessary as a protective layer.
Attention! For varnishes no clear coat is required. In case of uncertainty, either e-mail or call the hotline (+43 (0) 3687 24515 during business hours).
Finished ? If you still find small edges, transitions or tears in the paint somewhere, then that’s no problem: After 2 to 3 days, the clear coat is completely cured and the edge is simply removed very carefully with water sanding paper P2000 and then polished to a high gloss.
Of course you will now polish the whole car and preserve it with hard wax . High gloss and high spirits! Congratulations!