Repair blind headlights
Easy RepairRepair yellowed headlights by yourself

The problem: Rockfall, UV light, salt, insects and weathering cloud and scratch the plastic covers of modern headlamps. Bad light increases the risk of accidents considerably, damages the appearance and the cloudy matt lens does not survive TÜV safety inspection.
Time spent:
up to 2000 €;
Additional Tools:
Grinding tool;
Easy Repair – SET for you: Film Set headlight repair
Blind headlamps Because the headlamps are either glued or made as a whole on almost all modern vehicles, the covers can not be changed. New headlights can really cost a lot of money, especially with xenon and headlight costs a bill throwing up to € 1.000, -. There are also conversion and adjustment work. The Easy Repair car has developed a possibility to repair the yellowed headlights even without technical training at low cost and without much effort.
And this is how it works:
The first step is to protect the adjacent body panels with masking tape to prevent damage to the paint during sanding. For this, all painted parts must be very carefully masked with masking tape.
Grinding and cleaning
The yellowed and cloudy protective layer is sanded off with a large sponge , a lot of water and water sandpaper – grit P800. This is very easy and fast, because the damaged protective layer can be easily removed.
In between, always clean with plenty of water.
The perfectly clear cover disc is obtained by the final fine sanding with lots of water and water sandpaper – grit P2000. This is no magic either: with circular movement and light pressure, the entire cover must be sanded evenly.
Now needs to be covered. Covering is worthwhile, because it is much more laborious to later remove paint from fenders, bumper, grille and engine compartment.
Careful cleaning is necessary to remove grease and silicone as well as abrasive particles.
A lint-free cloth and a specially developed cleaner for plastic allow a residue-free surface.
When wet, the ground lens appears very clear. As soon as the cleaner has evaporated, the matt surface appears again due to sanding marks.
In order for the clear coat applied later to remain robust and resistant, the cover must be primed with plastic primer .
This primer is important because it creates a stable adhesion to the clear coat on the plastic.
A thin coat of primer is sufficient and is dry and recoatable after 30 minutes.
The patch after shaking handle facilitates handling significantly. A better grip position gives more feeling for quantity and regularity.
Shake the can for 3 min. from the audible bounce of the balls. This ensures optimal mixing with the hardener. Use the handle again, it facilitates the painting.
Easy Repair Professional tip: 
2K (2-component) clearcoat is much more durable and resistant than 1K (1-component) clearcoat.
Plastic primer is absolutely necessary. The primer ensures a compact and durable connection between paint and headlight. Without a primer, the clearcoat dissolves and the work is free.
We recommend a 2K headlight clearcoat . This special 2K clearcoat has been developed for the subsequent protective coating of Polycarbona wafers.
This clearcoat is much more resilient and resistant than many other products that are offered.
In this 2K clearcoat, the hardener is integrated in a separate cartridge in the spray can. The hardener is released by pressing a button and mixes by shaking in the can. The 2-component system is particularly robust and resistant to scratches and weathering, ensuring the highest product quality.
With even motions, spray on the first thin layer of varnish and allow to dry for four to five minutes. Finally, cover a second full coat with a covering coat.
Do not apply too thick, otherwise the paint runs off and forms ugly drops.
The headlights are like new and pass every safety check. Perfect light, perfect look, repaired yourself and saved a lot of money.