Repair scratches on the car with paint pen
Easy RepairWork with paint pen

The problem: rockfall, vandals, parking or transport damage, snow chains, carelessness when loading and unloading, etc. on bumper, grille, hood, wheel arch, entry, front edge of the roof, door edges.
The scratches in the car paint are unfortunately clearly visible and noticeable. In most cases, the paint is already cut off and the metal (car plate) comes to light, often in older paint damage with rust spots.
Time spent:
10min per rockfall;
Value retention of the car;
Additional Tools:
Grinding Tool;
Easy Repair – SET for you: paint pen repair set
And this is how it works:
Remove rust
away with the rust!
For minor paint damage, simply remove a screwdriver and scrape off the rust on the car. It remains a shiny, bare surface, which should be slightly larger than the original rockfall.
This is important because rust has usually formed under the paint at the edge of the damage.
Thoroughly clean the rustproof area with silicone remover . Use as a primer rust converter , which is applied thinly with a brush . Then leave to dry for about 1 hour – time for a cappuccino.
Easy Repair Professional tip:
As soon as minor damage to the paint can be detected, rusting may already occur. Therefore: away with the rust! Because at the latest next winter, when road salt and slush do theirs, the destroyed paint has no chance.
The resulting rust is then more difficult and, above all, more expensive to remove. You save time and money if you simply remove the annoying scratches on the car yourself with a paint pen and repair the car paint – in your garage at home!
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Apply varnish
Carefully dab the area with the paint pen.
too much varnish forms drops, which unfortunately remain visible later.
The paint may only cover the bare spot.
Apply clear lacquer
After drying (about 10 – 20 minutes) fill the crater with clear lacquer and a lot of feeling.
To make the repair perfect, polish the area extensively after 2 to 3 days and then preserve with hard wax .
But why not polish the whole car and keep it longer? Look forward to the result: glossy & smooth!