Car care
Easy RepairVehicle care: washing, polishing and preserving

The problem: dull paint, small paint scratches.
Time spent:
Value retention of the car;
Additional Tools:
Easy Repair – SET for you: Polished SET
And this is how it works:
Thorough washing
Nice if your car shines like the first day? Do you just want to polish away paint scratches?
Polishing the right paint is no witchcraft!
But first you have to clean the car paint.
“Armed” with a large bucket of water, sponge and car shampoo rid the surface of salt, dust, dirt, grains of sand and dead insects.
Before you polish the car, the paint should be completely dry.
Easy Repair Professional tip:
Never wash or polish your car in direct sunlight. In the garage or in the shade, the products can be processed better and the sun can be enjoyed in a more pleasant way …
Just apply the polish to the polishing pad .
With light pressure and circular movements, you remove the top, dull and rough paint layer and thus some small scratches in the car. The result is a surface that is smooth but still dull due to polish residue.
With fresh polishing cotton is now polished to a high gloss.
Easy Repair Professional tip:
For deeper scratches in the car paint, which can not be polished off, there is a special tip: sand with wet sandpaper grit P2000 the scratched areas and then polish to a high gloss.
To preserve the glossy finish, use hard wax . Just apply as the polish evenly and polish. This is quick and easy and pays off in any case, because the paint remains protected and shines for months like new.